Social Distance --> Get Creative

Tough Times.

What to do? Has this Coronavirus thing got you a little overwhelmed and unsure how to respond? I for one am not running out to purchase all of the toilet paper and hand sanitizer I can lay my hands on. The sensible approach is more my style, you know, hand washing frequently, social distancing, being conscious about not touching my face and being aware of those coughing around me. I don't mean to make light of this terrible Pandemic, humor is my therapy. We all need to do the right thing and be aware of the dangers to our family members and friends. Stay Home because it's the right thing to do! Here's to hangin in there!

 Time to get creative.

I know that I am fortunate to have my studio at home, so I'm using this time to create fresh designs. Spring art fairs have been canceled and all of the galleries I show in are closed for business. Time will tell how long this pandemic will impact our lives, we are all in this together, I say let it be business as usual! Ok, I know, not usual but I'm forging ahead, literally and figuratively. I've got  these gorgeous natural stone cabochons and am super psyched to make special One of A Kind sterling silver jewelry.  I can't wait to share when I'm done! cabochon assortment



Even if we're all feeling a little bit isolated with social distancing and/or quarantine, isn't it great that we have the internet? We can easily communicate with anyone in the world. I love seeing  all of the pictures being posted on social media and the videos of people at their windows performing for their neighbors and the world. It's tough to have life interrupted but we will get through this and be better for it.

Still doing what I do!

I want you to know that I design, create and ship every piece of sterling silver jewelry seen on my website and on social media. I take every precaution to keep my family and you safe from the pandemic. My website is live and I'm open for business, so if you are in need of some shopping therapy... 

Go to and become an insider.

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