You have a refined sense of style, always searching for those special pieces that speak to you. I want you to look and feel beautiful. It’s all in the details––let’s make it easy.

My mission as a designer is to create unique, classic, artfully-designed sterling silver jewelry that elevates your everyday.

 I design and create artisan sterling silver jewelry using traditional methods of forging and fabrication. Saws, files, hammers, a torch, and a variety of finishing mediums are used to construct each piece.

Exploring the variety of techniques and methods of creating with silver is what I find compelling, which drives me to keep exploring its craft. The possibilities are endless!

I take inspiration from many places: Art Deco/Art Nouveau-era architecture, textile design, and jewelry design have a large influence on my designs. Simplicity and elegance are the core of my aesthetic. 

My greatest reward is that I get to share my creations with you! You can purchase with confidence as I take great care in my craftsmanship to ensure my jewelry will be loved and worn for many years to come.

My Story

Born and raised in Topeka, Kansas, my art career began in my teen years with my family. In 1988, my mom began designing and creating hand-painted wooden jewelry and traveling to art shows. Soon, this turned into a family affair: my dad would cut the wood in his shop, the kids would base coat, and mom would paint the details. (Eventually, I got to do detail-painting, too!) We’d go to art shows on the weekends and sell the jewelry we had created together.

After attending a few years of college, I fled art school and moved to Vail, Colorado. On a fall day in 1994, I came across a help-wanted ad in the Vail Daily. A local business was looking for seasonal help in their jewelry production studio. I’ve always been drawn to three-dimensional arts and took my first metalsmithing class in high school––I loved it––so this opportunity piqued my interest. 

I got that job with The Golden Bear of Vail, a prominent fine jewelry boutique in the Vail Valley, and it became a permanent, full-time job. My years spent creating among a team of skilled metalsmiths in a production environment allowed me to perfect my skills and create with artistry and care. (And yes, every piece was inspected before being sold!)

In 2012, I opened my Kansas studio. Working in my studio is my happy place, and my creative process is my meditation.

I'm back in Colorado after 20 years away. It feels great to be designing and making for the Golden Bear and Jandi Burkett Metalsmith.