Born and raised in Topeka, Kansas, I come from a family of creatives, so it feels only natural that I love to create. I took my first metal-smithing class in high school and I loved it. After a couple of years of college, I left art school and moved to Vail, Colorado. There, I answered a help wanted ad in the local newspaper and gained employment in a studio producing signature gold and silver designs for a prominent fine jewelry boutique in the Vail Valley. My years spent creating among a team of skilled metal-smiths in a production environment allowed me to perfect my skills and create with artistry and care.

I opened my Kansas studio in 2012 and love designing and creating my own collections. I take inspiration from Art Deco/Art Nouveau era architecture, textile design and jewelry. Working in my studio, designing and making jewelry is my happy place. I find comfort in my creative process, from ideas that take flight in my mind, to completion of a piece, the act of figuring it all out is meditative. Exploring the variety of techniques and methods of creating with silver I find compelling, this drives me to keep exploring its craft. Simplicity of design together with everyday elegance is essential to my aesthetic. I create a timeless look with bit of a modern wink that gives it just enough trend to be fun yet remain classic. 

My reward is connecting with clients through my jewelry designs and knowing they can purchase with confidence as I take great care in my craftsmanship to insure the quality in my jewelry that will last for years to come.